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November 1, 2016
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Will Trump victory fall the power of international education in America


The US remains the world’s leading study destination and it is as yet uncertain how significant a role the election results will play on its attractiveness as a study destination


Donald J. Trump thwarted the projections of pollsters and analysts late last night with a stunning victory that saw him elected the 45th President of the United States.

In the hours since, world reaction has been pouring in and there is plenty of shock and concern to go around. “The world gasped in collective disbelief on Wednesday following the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential race, with apprehensive allies seeking to put a brave face on a result they had dreaded and American adversaries exulting in an outcome they see as a potential turning point in global affairs,” said an early item from The Washington Post.



After Trump victory last night, the future of international education might differ in how it used to be, for so many years US is leading the list in the top attractive destinations for students across the world, the question now is how badly Trump victory will affect the future of international students in America,we came across a glimpse from some students reaction in the SM which might give you a perception in how this could affect the future of international education in the US!



sample of international student commentary retrieved from Twitter on 9 November 2016.

As Mentioned recently in the ICEF moniter reviewpopular perceptions of the attractiveness of study destinations have been shown to have important effects on student mobility, particularly around widely covered events reflecting the political climate of a destination or issues of student safety or security. In the specific case of the US presidential election, recent surveys have indicated that significant percentages of prospective students would be less likely to study in the US following a Trump victory.


International educators are well aware of this possibility, and Co-Founder Dr Rahul Choudaha offered the following observation by email late Tuesday night: “One of the core values of international education is about celebrating diversity and learning from differences. Trump’s viewpoints are insular and not in line with the values of international education. It is likely that the future policies will start looking inward and slow down international education exchanges and student mobility.”

“College application deadlines for fall 2017 admissions are fast approaching and these election results will give an unwelcoming message to international students,” he added, in observing how a Trump victory may be seen by prospective students. “It would hurt the attractiveness of the US as the most-preferred destination of choice. Recruitment and admissions professionals will have a hard time making a case for the US.”

With this short reflection on the election result, we would like to hear your prediction on this question,

With a president who adopt personal opinions that go against the diverse and multicultural experience international students seek for, it go against the concept of diversity and the fair treatment of people as one without any sort of classifications or discrimination beyond their believes, how could the study abroad experience in America look like under his leadership!

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