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GLD Education is a global network for international education, we facilitate learning experiences to young people across the world, through our global support network, events and digital impact we spread education experiences that empowers leaders

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We have presence in over 22 countries across the world and our network is rapidly increasing every day

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Why we do it

Education is a significant tool to change any nation but yet, we are still molding it into systems and models that limit us from unleashing our ability to learn, we believe in Education as an experience where learning is a journey that goes beyond the class room and that’s what we strive to enable to every young people so we finally place Education as a tool to empower well prepared leaders who could address with their knowledge and competencies the complex challenges we are facing today

Study abroad

How we do it

Study abroad

Reshaping the term Education system into a transformational education experience for young people, by providing thousands of Study abroad experiences that vary from long term degrees, short term educational courses or being part of GLD Education’s global network of international students, we give young people the chance to Experience Education in an international challenging environment where they can unleash their leadership potential for the better of our world.