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We believe in the value of education for the positive change in our lives and communities, as we have the faith that youth are the core power of any society, we strive to prepare them today to lead this change, by connecting them to international education opportunities that will transform them into leaders who are able to learn today so they can lead tomorrow.

Our programs


Postgraduate Education

Discover what it takes to succeed in your profession, get connect to  thousands of PHDs, Masters, MBAs or many other  International education opportunities

Bachelors Education

Connect to a massive pool of Bachelors degrees around the globe and shape your future while living a life changing experience.

Short term Education

Discover a massive pool of academic and language courses worldwide, on campus or online.

Global Leaders Membership

Join our students’ global network, gain income while empowering others to live this life changing experience.

Experience education

Young people are becoming more attached to experiences rather than anything else, so we value travelling because it gives us a remarkable experience by seeing different places, meeting new people and discovering diverse cultures as we value learning much more when it’s by doing. At GLD Education we believe in education as a journey where learning goes beyond the classroom.

International study programs

Unleash your leadership potential

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Creating effective solutions for global challenges will require skills and knowledge from the leaders of tomorrow.


 In this competitive world of today, innate qualities are no longer capable of leading in an increasingly complex and inter-connected world. We believe that leadership can be acquired through education and experiences that unleash personal growth and transform people into change makers.

Our international platform empowers future leaders who are able with their knowledge and cultural understanding to shape solutions for the world challenges.

Why GLD Education's membership?

1 Support Network

When it comes to international education, we will help you find the right opportunity and support you in every process until you make it to your university.

2- Fund opportunities

We partner with public, government and corporate communities to partially or fully fund your studies.

3- Part time job opportunities

We offer online part-time roles to help you improve your finance while helping others live your experience. Discover this here

4- Global Network

We partner with Companies and organizations to make your education abroad easier and cheaper than you imagine.

You will never be 100% ready. But we’re here to support you as you take your first steps out of your comfort zone. From there you grow as a role model for people around you.