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Our Portals

Bachelors Portal

Connect with a massive pool of students who are looking for shaping their career while living  a great learning experience after their undergraduate course


Postgraduate Portal

Millions of students are looking for a postgraduate’s degree from Masters, PHD, MBA or Diplomas to advance their careers, we pick opportunities that help young people to get matched with their passion through learning,

Short courses and Online Learning Portal

Any academic ,Personal growth or entrepreneurship education courses whether it’s a summer or certificate courses on campus or even online

Language Portal

We believe that languages is a way for students to discover new cultures and explore a diverse world so we focus to spread the  awareness in all the language schools  we support.

Global leaders Membership Program

Access hundreds of our ambassadors in over 20 countries and 4 different continents, they are our main advocates to reach the right talent based on each market needs.

Scholarships and grants Portal

We envision the international education to be accessible for more young people, here we place opportunities that make this closer every day.

Our unique way of recruiting

We value the experience, so we care about each student journey with us.


Key benefits

Through our Supporting system and access to best study abroad locations, we are proud to be the most influential channel in student’s decisions

best study abroad locations

Access The World Biggest network of International Students

81% students indicate that connecting with currently enrolled students is their top priority when researching study abroad options, our Global students network is our power of communication, it’s a whole win-win relation where students are able to obtain external source of income while empowering others to live this powerful Journey.

Diverse market worldwide

Access diverse market of students in over 100 countries worldwide looking for best study abroad locations, meet your international recruitment goal with less effort.

Improve your student profile

Connect with hard-to-find student’s market, who are selected among massive pool of students worldwide, students are screened according to actual indent and means to study abroad, we believe that student quality drives our successful recruitment process.

Unique brand positioning

We are driven with a vision of placing Education as a tool to empower leaders, so we care in bringing a real value to your institution’s brand as a leadership provider for young people

Exclusive online& offline channels

Access plenty of digital and physical channels where we only promote our partners to maximize your chance to get the student quality you are looking for.

Local market expertise

We have presence in over 20 different countries around the globe, we understand the different market needs and the way to communicate your message.

Unique support services

We offer a customized support to each student during the whole journey, starting from Increasing awareness, Process support, to financial networks connection which make us the most influential channel in student’s decisions

Our Global Presence

We know local markets, where the students are and how to get to them

Study abroad

Our Students Profile

We see International Education opportunities as a Leadership Journey So we care about each student selection and experience.

High Academic& Professional performance

Students who are from the top performer in their academic degree.

Eager to Learn& Grow

Young people with hands-on leadership and management experience

Diversity & International Perspective

Adaptable to new environments and able to learn quickly

Awerness of international education impact

Students who are aware of the importance of international education as a journey that go beyond the class rooms

Prepared to leave their comfort zone

We offer young people open , supportive and reflective frame which make them more capable to embrace their fear of leaving their comfort zone .

How can we collaborate

Request our partnership model by dropping us a message




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