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The Faculty of Dentistry in the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is launching new 5-year degree programmes in English. The first two years will be taught exclusively in English, and from the third year onwards, students will join the overall programme. In their third year students will begin to do work experience in the University Dental Clinic (CUO), therefore they will need to have learned Spanish during their first two years.

The UIC’s Language Service will offer them the appropriate courses to achieve this.

The Degree in Dentistry at the UIC equips students with thorough scientific knowledge, technical skills and the ability to effectively apply them to the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of a wide range of dental diseases and ailments.

The programme addresses topics in dental structure and function, biomechanics of the normal and affected dental apparatus, as well as the most innovative techniques and procedures used in the treatment of abnormalities.

The curriculum emphasises skills in the basic sciences, so that students graduate with a solid scientific background and extensive experience confronting practical challenges before receiving their degree. The UIC University Dental Clinic (CUO) is equipped with the modern technology that proper dental treatment now calls for.


The fundamental objective of the curriculum for the Dentistry Degree at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is to train professionals who are able to apply the scientific knowledge and technical skills they have acquired to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of oral diseases, ethically, efficiently and safely. Professionals should understand the need for professional development and lifelong learning, should be able to efficiently use advances in knowledge and technology and understand the central role played by the patient in therapeutic decision-making.

Who It Is For. Intake Profile

Applicants to the Dentistry Degree must have a baccalaureate or similar level of studies and that have passed the university entrance examination, without prejudice to any other entrance mechanisms stipulated by the current or future regulations on access to undergraduate degrees.

Recommended intake profile

All candidates who meet the general requirements can apply to be admitted to the degree. However, the recommended intake profile is a person with previous studies in the field of healthcare sciences, with a vocation for science and healthcare and particularly in possession of the following qualities:

  1. Discipline, memory and dedication
  2. Flexible decision-making
  3. Psychological qualities and empathy
  4. Emotionally balanced
  5. Interest in research
  6. Responsible and with good observational skills
  7. Team work
  8. Sensitivity to the pain of others
  9. Resilience

Profile at the end of the degree / skills

The competences listed below describe the basic levels of knowledge, attitudes, conduct and necessary technical skills that our students should have after obtaining their degree, showing they are ready to face the complete range of situations that will present themselves to them during their general professional practice:

  1. Professional conduct: Dentists should possess an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the wide issues affecting the practice of dentistry; be competent in a wide area of skills, including the search, research, analysis, problem solving, handling of materials and instruments, planning, communication, coordination and team work; and the understanding of the relevance of the latter in this practice.
  2. Ethics and jurisprudence: Dentists should have an accurate knowledge and understanding of the moral and ethical responsibilities involved in the provision of health to the individual and the community, as well as of the current legislation applicable to the practice of dentistry.
Communication and personal skills

Dentists should be competent to engage in an efficacious communication with patients, their relatives and friends, as the case may be, and also with the rest of health professionals involved in the care of patients.

Basic knowledge, management of information and critical thought

Dentists should have enough knowledge and understanding of the basic biomedical, general medical, technical and clinical sciences in order to understand the normal and pathological conditions that are relevant to dentistry. Moreover, they should be competent to apply this information to critical situations.

Compilation of clinical information

Dentists should have the competence to conduct and register a general clinical record, and an oral and dental record, about the situation of the patient. This should include biological, medical, psychological and social information to enable the evaluation of the oral situation of patients of all ages. Dentists should have the competence to carry out an adequate physical examination, to interpret the clinical findings, and to ask for the complementary diagnostic tests that they may consider relevant.

Diagnosis and planning of treatment

Dentists should be competent in decision making, in reasoning and in carrying out clinical judgements leading up to a development of a differential diagnosis, whether provisional or final, of the gnosological process, including the interpretation of the clinical record and the data obtained during the clinical and x-ray examinations or other type of diagnostic tests. Dentists should be competent to formulate diagnoses and treatment plans for patients of all ages and conditions, while at the same time they should be able to identify those treatments that may exceed their abilities and, on this situation, refer them to the right professional.

Establishment and maintenance of oral health

After obtaining the degree, dentists should be competent:

  1. To educate patients and carry out a complete primary health care in patients of all ages and conditions. This underlines the current concepts of prevention and treatment of oral diseases, and endorses the need of a systemic and oral maintenance of health.
  2. To diagnose and treat diseases and alterations of the oral mucosa, maxillary bones and salivary glands that could be more frequent in patients of all ages and conditions.
  3. To treat alterations or diseases that may require simple surgical techniques in hard and soft tissues with patients of all ages and conditions.
  4. To treat periodontal diseases of patients of all ages and conditions.
  5. To treat cariogenic and non-cariogenic dental pathology, including pulp and periradicular pathology, of patients of all ages and conditions.
  6. To restore or replace teeth with the aim of providing an acceptable form, function and aesthetic appearance in patients of all ages and conditions.
  7. To treat malocclusions in primary, mixed or permanent dentition, in a limited way and in patients of all ages and conditions.
  8. To use the relevant techniques for the treatment and control of orofacial pain and the anxiety associated with dental treatment in patients of all ages and conditions.
  9. To prevent and treat effectively most conditions of medical and dental urgency that may occur and that are associated with the practice of dentistry in patients of all ages and conditions.
  10. To carry out multidisciplinary, sequential and integrated treatment, of limited complexity, in patients of all ages and conditions.
Promotion of health

After being awarded the degree, dentists should be competent to obtain the highest possible level of oral health among individuals and in the community.

All these objectives are worked on in depth on the different modules of the study programme and adapt to the abilities that students should acquire during their academic training.

  1. Application for admission

    Complete the online application for admission

  2. Required Documentation
    Applicants without prior university studies
    1. Two passport size photos
    2. Photocopy of your passport
    3. Proof of payment of processing fees. (Payment forms will be provided once your application is complete)
    4. Signed document showing you accept the University’s general terms and conditions of admission and course reservation policies.
    5. Academic transcript covering the two most recent school years (photocopy) and providing their corresponding credit values according to the Spanish education system, or grade point average as validated by the UNED
    6. All materials redacted in languages other than Spanish must be accompanied by a certified translation thereof.
  3.  Entrance exams

    Applicants without degrees or diplomas must take the UIC general entrance exam according to their background

  4. Course reservation and enrolment

  5. Level of Spanish language proficiency

    To be admitted into a degree programme at the UIC, international students from non-Spanish speaking countries must demonstrate their Spanish language skills.

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The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya offers you a highly personalised university education with a strong vocational element. This high level of personalised treatment is achieved by ensuring that there is: no more than one group per course; a maximum of 80 students per lecture, and one university professor assigned to every eleven students.

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