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Milan - Italy

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24 Nov 2016

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Energy Engineering

Laurea Magistrale (MSc) – 2016/2017 a.y.


Milano Bovisa and Piacenza


Industrial and Information Engineering

Teaching language

English and Italian

Mission and goals

The Master of Science programme in Energy Engineering has the objective of preparing technicians able to actively follow and influence technological developments, working effectively in a competitive and multi-disciplinary industrial context. Various application sectors can be identified within the course, such as Production and conversion of different forms of energy, Civil and industrial thermotechnics and the hydrocarbon sector focussed on the oil and gas industry. In Milano Bovisa Campus the programme foresees a track taught in English. In Piacenza Campus a particular programme delivered in English is available which offers an overall view of the various technical issues related to Renewables and Environmental Sustainability:

Career opportunities

Graduates find employment in numerous industrial sectors, including industries producing and distributing energy; companies designing and managing thermal, thermal-electric, air-conditioning and refrigeration plant; energy management in companies or institutions with production purposes very different from those of producing energy. The engineer with a Master of Science can access research and development activities as well as those related to the analysis and design phases of large plants, innovative processes and development of technologically advanced machinery and components.

Employment Statistics

Programme duration

2 years

More info

Programme courses

Programme educational rules 

How to apply

The application for a Laurea Magistrale Programme (equivalent to a MSc degree) requires only a few steps. You can apply for two Master of Science programmes at the same time (1st and 2nd choice); if you are admitted to both of them you will be asked to accept the study programme you prefer. Applicants of Architecture and Design will have their second choice evaluated only if not admitted to their first choice. Therefore, please select your programme of preference as your first choice.

A. REGISTER online

You need to register online in order to obtain the credentials (person code and password) to access the online application form.

Registration Guidelines (pdf)

B. APPLY online


Online application guidelines

The online application consists of 6 STEPS:

  1. Educational background
    a. Transcript and degree or provisional degree must be uploaded at this step
  2. Programme selection
  3. Language Certificate
  4. ASP application (optional)
  5. Laurea Magistrale application documents upload
    a. List of required documents and how to provide them
  6. Other information

* STEP 5 can be completed later on, as long as the application calls are open (be aware of the setdeadline!).

The International Admissions Office accepts documents in Italian, English, French or Spanish. A certified translation into Italian or English of the academic transcripts, the university qualification and the course description, where the actual language is different, must be also provided together with the original version. After step 6, please SAVE your application, download, save and print out the PDF file of the application receipt from the box “Polimi Official Documents” within your account.

C. SEND by post

The evaluation process starts once the required documents have been properly uploaded and the Academic Transcripts together with the application receipt have been received by post by the International Admissions Office.

Please note that Politecnico di Milano does NOT require any Application FEE neither to our Laurea Magistrale programmes nor to any kind of scholarship. All applications’ procedures have no fees. Onlyonce you are admitted, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable “Administrative FEE” of about 200.00 €, a mandatory regional and administrative tax which you have to pay in advance to confirm your admittance (scholarship recipients included). It will be deducted from the 2nd installment of your tuition fees.

It is very important that each applicant PERSONALLY accesses the Online Service with her/his student identification number (person code) and password to check the status of his/her application and the communications sent by the International Admissions Office.

Moreover, admitted students MUST PERSONALLY contact the Italian Diplomatic Representative to provide them with the necessary documents and information. Not doing so could cause the rejection of your Visa.

List of documents required by the Admissions Office

The International Admissions Office accepts documents in Italian, English, French or Spanish. For official documents (such as the academic transcripts, the university qualification and course descriptions), where the actual language is different, a translation into Italian or English must be also provided together with the original version.

Please note that upon enrollment a certified translation into Italian of your Transcript and Diploma will be required.

On line application receipt

The online application receipt contains general information about you (i.e. first name, family name, date of birth, nationality, etc.); the academic year and semester you are applying to; the Master of Science programmes chosen; etc.

After completing STEP 5 of the online application, you have to download, save and print out the PDF file of the application receipt from the box “Polimi Official Documents” within the online account. The application receipt must be signed and sent by post to the International Admissions Office.

Academic transcript

An academic transcript is a certified document issued by the university registrar’s office containing courses taken, grades received and the relation between credits (if used in the educational system) and hours for each course.

You have to upload the academic transcript on the online application form as a PDF file and then send by post the original transcript or a certified copy of it to the International Admissions Office.

A certified copy is a copy with an official and original stamp  of the university or the diplomatic representative. It is required in order to verify the validity of the uploaded file., therefore photocopies won’t be accepted.

Candidates from some countries are requested to have their transcripts sent directly by their universities to our offices.
Direct transcripts transfer
If it is your case, you are asked to upload online the Student Copy of your academic transcripts.

Please, note that any document received by the Politecnico di Milano will not be returned to the applicant.

University qualification

An official copy of the Bachelor degree.

If the university qualification is not yet available at the moment of the application, an official provisional certificate can be also provided.

If you have not finished the university yet, but you will graduate by July (for the 1st semester entry) or by December (for the 2nd semester entry), you can provide us with a certified document from the University (or a letter from the Head of your Department) stating that you will be graduating by July (for the 1st semester) or December (for the 2nd semester).

Detailed study programmes/course descriptions

Brief but detailed descriptions clearly explaining the contents and the basic topics covered in each course taken. It also must contain the number of hours of the courses or training activities that you have completed according to your academic curriculum.

This is to assess if the credits of your Bachelor degree correspond to the 180 ECTS credits necessary to be eligible for a Master of Science programme in Italy.
The detailed study programmes can be taken directly from the website of your university or it can be copied from the university course catalogue.

If the course descriptions are not available, you can write it yourself and make it signed by the Head of the Department of your study programme.

Here you can find some samples of course descriptions:

Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)

Curriculum vitae is a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills. Maximum 2 pages long.

Letter of recommendation

A letter written by a current or former professor on your university letterhead with an original stamp. Please note that there is no specific format required for the recommendation letter, but it must contain the contacts of the professor. We advise you to ask a professor who knows you well to write it, to be personal and to show that he knows you are applying to Politecnico di Milano.

In case you have completed your studies a few years ago and it’s not possible to get a letter from your former professor, a letter written by your manager or employer may be accepted.

Letter of motivation

If you apply to 2 courses, please write 2 DIFFERENT MOTIVATION letters (max. 2 pages each) and combine them in one pdf file to be uploaded on your profile.
A letter of motivation (also called a “statement of purpose” or “personal essay”) is a brief essay in which you explain what you hope to achieve, as well as what qualifies you as a top candidate for the admission, why  you selected that specific program, why you have chosen Politecnico di Milano among other universities.

The letter of motivation is an extremely important part of the application documents because it provides the evaluation committee with a description of your personality, as well as in what way you plan to contribute to and benefit from the programme you are applying to.

Language proficiency

A.Y. 2016-17


All applicants need to provide a document attesting their English language knowledge. From now on this is a requirement both for English and for Italian taught programmes.


  • TOEFL: CBT -210 / IBT – 78 / PBT- 547 (Our TOEFL code is 9795)
  • TOEIC (only listening and reading) – 720
  • IELTS (Academic) – 6
  • CAMBRIDGE: Proficiency – C / Advanced – C / First – B
  • ENGLISH AS BACHELOR MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: Students who can prove that English was the medium of instruction of their Bachelor Degree (at least for 3 years) are exempted from providing any English language certification. In this last case, students are required to upload a document certified by the university attesting that their programme was entirely taught in English.


Students applying to an Italian taught programme must also provide an Italian language certificate, level B1(Common European Framework).

These document/s are compulsory to obtain your admission letter, for being considered for scholarships, for Visa obtainment and for the enrollment to Politecnico di Milano.

However, they do not influence the outcome of your evaluation and therefore a different deadline for providing the language proficiency certificate has been set.

If the document/s is not provided by the deadline we cannot guarantee that you will be considered for the available merit based scholarships and/or that your name will be included in the lists of admitted international students sent to the Italian Diplomatic Representatives for your pre-registration and Visa procedures.

Note: Due to some special requirements for Visa application, Pakistani students applying to Master of Science courses held in English, are asked to provide an International English Language Testing System “IELTS” certificate (minimum score band 6.0). For more information, please visit the Italian Embassy website

Portfolio: only for applicants to Architecture, Urban Planning and Policy Design or any Design programmes:

You must provide a Portfolio of your works. The portfolio must be uploaded on your online profile in the section “Master of Science programme(s) selection” and cannot be bigger than 15 MB. Please do not send hard copies by post since they will not be considered.

What is a portfolio?
The portfolio is a collection of selected samples of work from your previous educational programme or work experiences. It should reflect the scope and variety of your training and experience with specific emphasis on your knowledge of and skills in the degree track for which you are applying. You should submit works that represent your interests and personal views as well as your design and technological abilities. Neatness and clarity of presentation are extremely important as they reflect both your attitude towards your work as well as your ability to communicate your work in a comprehensive and deliberate manner.

If you apply to Design&Engineering with an academic background in Engineering you are not required to provide the portfolio.

GRE: only for applicants to Energy Engineering (only Piacenza Campus)

Applicants are required to take the GRE test (Graduate Record Examination) through ETS DI code 6939 in due time to have test scores sent to Welcome Desk Piacenza (welcome.piacenza(at) within the last day of the application period. No minimum score is required, but the GRE level will affect your evaluation.

Identity document /Residence Permit (only for EU and Non EU residents in Italy applying during the 3rd application call)
  • EU applicants: you are asked to send by post a copy of a valid identification document;
  • Non EU residents in Italy: you are asked to send by post a copy of a valid residence permit.
How to provide your documents to the International Admissions Office



Academic transcript

Detailed study programmes/course descriptions University qualification

Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)

Letter of recommendation

Letter of motivation

Language certificate

UPLOAD these documents in PDF on your profile in the “Documents upload” section. Maximum 4Mb each.



UPLOAD this document in PDF on your profile in the “Master of Science programme selection” section. Maximum 15Mb



On line application receipt (signed)

Academic transcript

Identity document
(only for EU and Non EU residents in Italy applying during the 3rd application call)


Politecnico di Milano
International Admissions Office
International Projects Service
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 Milano (MI) – Italy
Tel. +39 02 2399 9802

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