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1. Presentation
The MBA program approach in various business-related subjects, as develop executive and leadership skills, beside the possibility to gain practical job experience thanks to our internship program, in order to succeed at executive level. It focuses on the practical aspects of global markets to teach students the skills applicable to international marketing and global management in companies.

2. Objectives
– Teach the ethical principles applicable to business reality.
– Provide the student understand the functioning of the world of enterprise and mechanisms governing global markets.
– Learn the best tools, knowledge and abilities in order to succeed at executive level.

3. Target
a) Graduates and professionals who wish to expand their employment horizons.

b) Experienced professionals who want to take on new tasks and responsibilities.

c) Companies seeking staff training.

d) Graduates in Vocational Training and Higher Education in area business seeking practical preparation to enter the workforce.

4. Professional opportunities
– International Marketing Director
– Department Head

INSA offer the possibility of doing an internship in companies during the course.

5. Syllabus
Module 1
Company Policy and General management Strategy.
Module 2
Strategies and Policies in the Marketing Management.
Module 3
Economic Control and Optimization of results.
Module 4
Commercial Management Organization of Networks.
Module 5
Management Skills: coaching, empowerment, leadership and organization.
Module 6
Economic Analysis of Managerial Decisions.
Module 7
Financial Management: management, strategy and creation of value.
Module 8
Company Evaluation: mergers, procurement, joint ventures.
Module 9
Globalization and Internationalization of Markets. Analysis.
Module 10
Management Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility.
Module 11
Branding, the management of the value of a brand (Know- How).
Module 12
Product Manager. Design and implementation of the Policies and the Marketing Plan.
Module 13
Sales Forecasts. Forecast – Forenet (Expert Systems in Business Forecasts).
Module 14
Products and Branding Positioning Strategy. Globalization, opening new markets.
Module 15
Production Management, Quality, Logistics and distribution of the product.
Module 16
Trade Fair, Conventions, Congresses.
Module 17
Customer Marketing. Customer Loyalty Schemes. Control of new channels.
Module 18
Marketing in industrial companies and services.
Module 19
Application of Marketing 2.0 in the company.
Module 20
Optimization of product margins.
Module 21
The social issues. Cooperation and resolution of labor conflicts.
Module 22
Judicial and Fiscal Treatment of Managerial Activities.
Module 23
Technological Innovation in Companies. Managing global Know-How.
Module 24
Balance Scorecard. Design of management strategies.
Module 25
Final Project. Strategic Business Plan.

6. Assessment System
The evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each block of study, through class attendance and / or examination. The student must have passed each subject independently. In addition, the student must have earned a minimum grade stipulated in the Business Plan.

Having successfully passed the evaluations and with the minimum attendance required, the student get a diploma in International MBA of INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.

Admission process

  • Those interested in any of INSA’s programs must complete the admission process for either Master’s or Higher Degree. This admission process looks at the appropriateness of the future student’s profile for the studies requested.
  • It is a process that does not involve any commitment by the prospective student.
  • Once applicants are notified by e-mail or telephone of their acceptance into the program requested, we will send the registration form as a first step to formalize the reservation of a place.
  • The number of places is limited so registration will remain open until all spaces established for each program are full. This registration form can be completed and sent by mail directly.
Payment of the reservation fee
  • Acceptance into a program and sending the registration form does NOT mean the automatic reservation of a place.
  • Upon receipt of the reservation fee, validated by us, INSA will reserve a place.
  • The allocation of places for the courses takes place in strict order of receipt of the reservation fee.
Send documentation
  • To complete the registration process students are required to send us some documents by mail, such as a photocopy of the DNI or NIE or two current passport size photographs. The complete list will be sent by INSA.
Final Payment
  • The last step to becoming a student of INSA is the payment of the balance of tuition.
  • This payment should be done just before the start of the course, or in the case of payment by installments, the specific document to that effect should be returned before the course starts.
  • At this time, on receipt of the amount or documentation, the student will have completed the process of registration.

GLD Education’s membership services

Before Traveling:

  • Assessment Center: We will analyze your profile to make sure we can match you to the right opportunity.
  • Two Account Managers: You will be assigned two account managers, one from our study abroad experts team and the other one is from our Global Leaders Membership team in the hosting country. Both account managers will be responsible to manage your application and make sure everything is in place.
  • Access our exclusive discounts: During the application process, you will need to work on translating several documents, passing a language test (IELTS or TOEFL) or even preparing for the language of instruction by taking an intensive course. Through our membership you will receive exclusive discounts to all our services, thanks to our partners.

Once you get accepted

  • Journey Preparation Your international account manager will be there to help you understand more about the country’s culture, its educational system, its living expenses and conditions and make sure that everything will go smoothly with the visa processes.

Scholarship hunting

  • Our account manager will be helping you to get any funding opportunity, we offer support in different dimensions to make sure we can offer you a financial support through:
  • Guidance to obtain a scholarship from the university.
  • Access to crowd funding platforms.
  • Access to our fund networks, which include different corporate funds.

Finding accommodation and booking your flight

  • With our local and global partners, we will get you punch of discounts for your accommodation and services you will use, we know how to help you travel with the minimum cost.

Arriving at your new adventure destination

  • We know how hard it could be for the day of arriving but don’t worry as your Global Leaders Membership team member will be waiting for you at the airport.
  • Your GLMer will provide support to help you settle in perfectly in your new journey and get access to student networks.
  • Now, you have the chance to join our ambassador (GLM) program and get paid while living this life-changing experience.

About to finish your degree

  • In GLD Education we are working with a bunch of big companies and organizations across the world, once you finish your experience, we will help you find the next step in your development.

We believe in the power of international education, so we strive to make it accessible for more young people across the world, joining our network means you are a step closer to achieving this dream.


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