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The double degree in Journalism and BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism will be studied between Barcelona and New York. This five-year programme offers students the opportunity to take a further year at Iona College New York and obtain a fully international education. Students who choose this option will obtain a Degree in Journalism from UIC Barcelona, and a BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism from Iona College.

Both degree programmes will receive official recognition: the Degree in Journalism, as an official degree in Spain, and the BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism, as an official qualification in the United States.  This means that students on this double degree will be able to develop their professional career both in Europe and the United States.

Students who take this double degree will learn to identify and evaluate potential news stories that will make an impact, inform and build loyalty among different audiences.  You will learn to tell stories based on analysis, audience and all the communication tools you have available. The opportunity to study in the United States will allow you to perfect your writing skills in English in terms of news items, as well as offer you the opportunity to undertake work experience there.

Programme advantages

  1. Two official degree in five years
  2. Language proficiency
  3. The opportunity to receive additional training and undertake work experience both nationally and internationally
  4. The development of an international professional career
  5. Specialisation
  6. A full and multidisciplinary education
  1. Application for admission

    Complete the online application for admission

  2. Required Documentation
    Applicants without prior university studies
    1. Two passport size photos
    2. Photocopy of your passport
    3. Proof of payment of processing fees. (Payment forms will be provided once your application is complete)
    4. Signed document showing you accept the University’s general terms and conditions of admission and course reservation policies.
    5. Academic transcript covering the two most recent school years (photocopy) and providing their corresponding credit values according to the Spanish education system, or grade point average as validated by the UNED
    6. All materials redacted in languages other than Spanish must be accompanied by a certified translation thereof.
  3.  Entrance exams

    Applicants without degrees or diplomas must take the UIC general entrance exam according to their background

  4. Course reservation and enrolment

  5. Level of Spanish language proficiency

    To be admitted into a degree programme at the UIC, international students from non-Spanish speaking countries must demonstrate their Spanish language skills.

GLD Education’s membership services

Before Traveling:

  • Assessment Center: We will analyze your profile to make sure we can match you to the right opportunity.
  • Two Account Managers: You will be assigned two account managers, one from our study abroad experts team and the other one is from our Global Leaders Membership team in the hosting country. Both account managers will be responsible to manage your application and make sure everything is in place.
  • Access our exclusive discounts: During the application process, you will need to work on translating several documents, passing a language test (IELTS or TOEFL) or even preparing for the language of instruction by taking an intensive course. Through our membership you will receive exclusive discounts to all our services, thanks to our partners.

Once you get accepted

  • Journey Preparation Your international account manager will be there to help you understand more about the country’s culture, its educational system, its living expenses and conditions and make sure that everything will go smoothly with the visa processes.

Scholarship hunting

  • Our account manager will be helping you to get any funding opportunity, we offer support in different dimensions to make sure we can offer you a financial support through:
  • Guidance to obtain a scholarship from the university.
  • Access to crowd funding platforms.
  • Access to our fund networks, which include different corporate funds.

Finding accommodation and booking your flight

  • With our local and global partners, we will get you punch of discounts for your accommodation and services you will use, we know how to help you travel with the minimum cost.

Arriving at your new adventure destination

  • We know how hard it could be for the day of arriving but don’t worry as your Global Leaders Membership team member will be waiting for you at the airport.
  • Your GLMer will provide support to help you settle in perfectly in your new journey and get access to student networks.
  • Now, you have the chance to join our ambassador (GLM) program and get paid while living this life-changing experience.

About to finish your degree

  • In GLD Education we are working with a bunch of big companies and organizations across the world, once you finish your experience, we will help you find the next step in your development.

We believe in the power of international education, so we strive to make it accessible for more young people across the world, joining our network means you are a step closer to achieving this dream.



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