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January, April, October,

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MSc in International Business Management


The Master in International Management (MSc) program at Global Business School in Barcelona is a unique Master’s program in international business management with a special focus on global aspects of business which has been designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s multinational companies and educate graduates who have international management skills, the knowledge of a foreign language and cross-cultural competencies.

The study program of the Master in International Management provides an in-depth examination of business issues ranging from the global economy to cross-cultural negotiations and leadership. Participants of the MSc International Business Management program learn how business is conducted within world regions, such as Asia, Latin America, Europe, Russia and CIS, and Africa, and improve their international management competencies in order to be prepared for successful careers in international business management in Spain, in Europe and anywhere in the world.

The Master in International Management program attracts students from various educational and cultural backgrounds and provides a truly international learning environment. As a result, students work, study and share experiences in a multicultural teams and expand their professional international management skills and knowledge to launch a globally oriented professional career.

General Information


MSc – Master in International Business Management awarded by Global Business School Barcelona

 Class Language English

If your English Language level is not sufficient, you can first join our intensive English Language Preparation course before starting the Master in International Business Management degree

 Duration Students would normally be expected to complete the Master in International Management degree in English within one academic year of full-time studies. Depending on the starting quarter it may take from 9 to 12 months.
 Application Deadline Applications are accepted all year round. Students can start studying for their MSc in International Business Management in October, January and April. Students who are not the citizens of European Union are encouraged to apply earlier in order to allow time for student visa processing.
 Class  Schedule  Monday to Friday
 Commitment Full-Time
 Tuition Fees € 14 640 per academic year (More information on Tuition Fees). Scholarships are available for this program (More information on scholarships)

Program Design

The Master in International Business Management degree program from Global Business School in Barcelona consists of 60 ECTS. A Master student must complete three quarters of full-time studies. During each quarter a student is required to complete 20-25 academic credits. For detailed course requirements, please refer to the outline of the Master in International Management curriculum.

Master in International Management prepares students to compete in the global market, manage businesses that cross national boundaries and function in the global business environment. The program consists of several blocks of courses that provide students with fundamental knowledge in all aspects of international business management:

  • Understanding the Global Business Environment: The courses in this block aim to provide an analysis of the global economy and encourage an understanding of the relationship between international business and other actors in the global economy, such as national governments and international institutions.  
  • International Business Strategies: This is a field of study effectively addressed by the interdisciplinary issues of international marketing, global project management, business strategy and international management, and strategies of financing a business. During these courses students learn international management strategies which concentrate on maximizing the firm’s performance. 
  • Managerial Competencies for Global Leaders:  The successful management of future challenges requires future business leaders to not only possess high professional qualifications but also a certain personality traits. The courses provide instructions on presentation techniques, ethics, and leadership. 
  • Transnational Competencies – Global Regions: The rise of globalization and cross-cultural exchange has flourished and businesses nowadays do more trade and production abroad than ever before. Under these circumstances a number of issues arise relating to the different business cultures, norms and lows of different societies. A skillful navigation of these issues is necessary for success in global business. The participants of the Master in International Management program study strategic management principles across most world markets: Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Russia and CIS.
  • Elective Courses: Elective courses are included in the curriculum of the Master in International Business Management program to provide an opportunity for each student to explore areas of interest that are not included in the core international management curriculum. 

Why Study at Global Business School in Barcelona?

The Unique Program Design and Curriculum: The MSc International Business Management program prides itself on being the only innovative program in international management taught in English in Barcelona, Spain. The unique curriculum of the Master in International Management was designed in part by former and current business people from Europe who assisted with identifying key elements that are necessary for successful international business management and the development of managerial competencies. The curriculum is based on a diverse set of learning activities including lectures, group exercises, panel discussions and interaction with invited business leaders.

Development of a Global Mindset: The single most important factor in working in another country on an international assignment is the ability to accept and work within the culture, beliefs, and attitudes of that country. And this is where your Master in International Management becomes indispensible. Global corporations in Spain, in Europe, in Asia, in Latin America or elsewhere in the world need professionals with a global mindset who understand the political, cultural, and financial factors at play and can make educated, ethical decisions as a result.

Study in Barcelona: Location of Barcelona – between the bulk of Spain and the northern heart of Europe, and also facing the Mediterranean sea and the emerging markets of north Africa remains a strategic advantage for the economic success of Barcelona and for the international companies located in the city. It is not surprising, that Barcelona attracts highly qualified international professionals, embraces mobility, and serves as a development point for new ideas, products and services. Barcelona is a successful city in a globalized world!

To be qualified for admission to the Master in International Business Management Degree Program, you must:

  1. Have earned a Bachelor degree or equivalent, or higher
  2. Provide a proof of English language proficiency
  3. Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents

English Language requirements :

  • English as a native language
  • Personal interview – Speak with our Admissions Department and get your English proficiency approved
  • TOEFL – Minimum score: 213 (computer based), 79/80 (internet based), or 550 (paper based)
  • IELTS – Minimum score: 6.0
  • Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – Minimum score: C
  • English as the language of instruction during previous studies. The student must have studied at least one year in classes taught in English. Taking classes to study the English language is not sufficient




GLD Education’s membership services

Before Traveling:

  • Assessment Center: We will analyze your profile to make sure we can match you to the right opportunity.
  • Two Account Managers: You will be assigned two account managers, one from our study abroad experts team and the other one is from our Global Leaders Membership team in the hosting country. Both account managers will be responsible to manage your application and make sure everything is in place.
  • Access our exclusive discounts: During the application process, you will need to work on translating several documents, passing a language test (IELTS or TOEFL) or even preparing for the language of instruction by taking an intensive course. Through our membership you will receive exclusive discounts to all our services, thanks to our partners.

Once you get accepted

  • Journey Preparation Your international account manager will be there to help you understand more about the country’s culture, its educational system, its living expenses and conditions and make sure that everything will go smoothly with the visa processes.

Scholarship hunting

  • Our account manager will be helping you to get any funding opportunity, we offer support in different dimensions to make sure we can offer you a financial support through:
  • Guidance to obtain a scholarship from the university.
  • Access to crowd funding platforms.
  • Access to our fund networks, which include different corporate funds.

Finding accommodation and booking your flight

  • With our local and global partners, we will get you punch of discounts for your accommodation and services you will use, we know how to help you travel with the minimum cost.

Arriving at your new adventure destination

  • We know how hard it could be for the day of arriving but don’t worry as your Global Leaders Membership team member will be waiting for you at the airport.
  • Your GLMer will provide support to help you settle in perfectly in your new journey and get access to student networks.
  • Now, you have the chance to join our ambassador (GLM) program and get paid while living this life-changing experience.

About to finish your degree

  • In GLD Education we are working with a bunch of big companies and organizations across the world, once you finish your experience, we will help you find the next step in your development.

We believe in the power of international education, so we strive to make it accessible for more young people across the world, joining our network means you are a step closer to achieving this dream.



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