GLD Education's services for students

Before Traveling

best study abroad locations

Assessment Center:

We will analyze your profile to make sure we can match you with the right opportunity, Choosing the right program that match your needs is one of the most important steps to start the experience you envision

Two Account Managers:

You will be assigned two account managers, one from our study abroad experts team and the other one is in the country of the program you are applying to, both account managers will be responsible to manage your application and make sure everything is on place.

Access our exclusive discounts:

During the application process, you need to work in translating several documents, also to pass a language test or even to prepare for the language by taking an intensive course, with our membership you will receive exclusive discounts to all the services you will use thanks to our partners.

Once we get you the admission letter

best study abroad locations

Admission letter

Within one week only from submitting the needed documents, we will get you the conditional admision letter to start taking the rest of the process forward, with % of zero rejection, we strive to gurantee your acceptance at any of our programs 

Visa Process and Journey Preparation

Your international account manager will be there to help you understand more about the culture of the country, the education system, the living conditions and make sure that everything will go smooth with the visa process

 Scholarship hunting

Our account manager will be helping you to get any funding opportunity, we offer support in different dimensions to make sure we can offer you a financial support through:

Guidance to obtain a scholarship from the university

Access to crowd funding platforms

We give you access to our fund network which include different corporate funds

Finding accommodation and booking your flight

With our local and global partners, we will get you punch of discounts for your accommodation and services you will use, we know how to get you travel with the minimum cost

Arriving to your new adventure

GLD Education's services

We know how hard it could be for the day of arriving but don’t worry as your account manager will pick you from the airport.

Your account manager will be your support system to help you adapt with your new journey and get access to student networks.

Now, you have the chance to join our ambassador program and get paid while living this life changing journey.

Almost finishing your degree

In GLD Education we are working with punch of great companies and organizations across the world, once you finish your experience, we will help you find your dream job.

We believe in the power of international education, so we strive to make it accessible for more young people across the word, joining our network means you are a step closer to achieve this dream.