Our Values are part of our DNA, They guide the way we work and the decisions we take

In GLD Education, we are driven by a value based culture where our day to day activities is shaped around our Seven core values


Questioning the system

We believe that systems are there to organize the way we live and not to limit our potential, so we always seek to question the systems around us, to optimize them and to always adapt them to fit within our vision.


Collaboration as a catalyst for impactful growth

We believe in the power of collaboration as we envision a better world, we know that we can’t do it alone, so we seek to make co-operation as a base of our fast movement toward our goals.


Believing in young people potential.

we have the faith that youth are at the center of absolute strength, we strive to prepare them today to lead the change our world need.


Acting positively

We tend to increase our awareness with the issues facing our world today but we are driven by a positive attitude toward addressing all of them


Learning is an endless journey.

We never settle with what we learned, we tend to always improve our capabilities being open to learn.


Trusting one another

We inspire actions through putting the trust in our people, giving them the confidence to fail and stimulate their curiosity to innovate.


Enjoying the ride

We shape what we do around what we love so we enjoy every moment