Craft your own story

Barcelona, I guess there is no need to write more! some will agree that it’s the best city in the world some won’t but what I am really sure of is that everybody wants to go there. GLD Education gave me the chance to live in Barcelona for a whole year doing my MBA in English at ESERP business school, where I found the opportunity to learn Spanish as well just for free. GLD delightfully helped me through all the procedures starting from preparation passing through applying to universities , getting the visa and all the paperwork done till reaching the desired destination.

I believe that studying abroad is really a unique experience not only because of the different methodology and quality in teaching but also because of the fact that living abroad apart of your family and friends for a long time, getting to know more people, new ones from different countries with different cultures will definitely broadens the mind and reshapes the personality. I encourage each and everyone who is thinking about pursuing his master degree abroad, just do it now without any doubts or fears, I guarantee you a lifetime experience that you will never forget and you will be happy to tell us about later on.

Warm greetings from Barcelona!

Naguib Waguih - Spain


We take you further

Currently i am in one of the most beautiful countries in the world doing my Master in something I really love to shape my career around,  I am enrolled in the Marketing and Sales master in EAE business school in Madrid,

Studying abroad was always a very tough and uncertain decision for me, it’s just not that simple to turn all your life up side down and leave the sweet comfort zone but after starting this experience I can’t be more grateful for GLD Education for their tremendous effort and support which is the main reason being here, since the first day i interacted with them and they visualize how powerful and worthy this experience is, their support in choosing the right program,university and destination saved me a lot of money and valuable time,

I personally love their passion in helping young people to live this experience and I see them clearly standing out than other companies operating in this filed, they truly care to prepare and support you from day one until you arrive there and adapt to a new life adventure, I also love their ambassador program, having the chance to connect with current student in Spain almost 6 month before coming with a real value to understand the tricks which you never find anywhere else, I love being in contact with them till today and actually join their ambassador program so i can earn some cash while studying 😉

I am so excited for the upcoming period here in Spain, It’s being amazing time here already with very diverse class from 20 different countries, I already started my amazing Spanish course and I am looking forward to live this adventure at full.

Thank you GLD Education for changing my life 🙂

Ahmed Assem- Spain


Nothing could stop you

When i decided to study abroad it wasn’t that easy at all , being a girl who is going to live alone and faraway from her country and her family is really hard and tough , But your will to do something must be over anything . I am not just seeking for a new way in education i am seeking for a whole travel experience more , a new cultures and different nationalities Also to be independent and responsible for everything in my life , The idea of discovering myself is the main purpose so you desire thing you do it .
Now i am in Italy doing my Master degree in Sustainable Architecture so Many thanks to GLD Education because this is really a hard step in my life you need to be passionate to take such a step and you always need a supporter , someone who help you not to get bored from all these procedures .

Nermine Ahmed - Italy


Start the real adventure now

For me studying abroad is one of the biggest challenges of my life but i’m sure now that it was the right decision it was not easy to take this step as many people think that you are lucky because you are leaving Egypt as if i’m going on Euro trip , they don’t know how many things maybe you will loose by taking this step they don’t know that maybe you will not see someone from family again, or maybe you will be stranger from many people like friends, neighbors and even your family, knowing also that your family will be always worried about you and missing you, no one think about all of this when he said you are lucky.

Ahmed Hisham - Romania


You can do it too

Let me start by saying that if you have your eyes set on traveling to study abroad and have decided that this is your next challenge, then you have already maneuvered around a bunch of rigid obstacles on your path to making this decision. I will only speak about the obstacles that you face with your psych, beginning with the feelings of extreme anxiety, and homesickness that begins before you even leave. There is no shame in that, as it is only a manifestation of your attachment to your loved ones, and the homeland which becomes a part of you that you’re leaving behind, and can only revisit when you are back which always makes for the euphoric feeling of I’m coming home. I will go further by saying that those feelings and sensations are in fact necessary to make you tougher, resilient, and determinant. It means your soul is alive and it is ready to conquer. Okay on a different note think down the road in 10 or 20 years, you don’t want to look back and say AHH I wish I would’ve left when I had the chance. Because if you keep postponing this decision you’ll end up with more baggage on your shoulders and it will be harder to drop it or carry it with you. So do it now and be the difference you want to see in the world. Ahh and when you do it make it worth it and move to fun city for the sake of non-freezing ass.

Bahi Hatem- USA